Say Goodbye To Boring Videos, Drab Websites, And Snoozer Presentations...
Say Hello To Higher Engagement, Longer Viewing Times, And Bigger Clickthrus!

Adds The Eyeball-Grabbing Power Of Motion Backgrounds To Your Videos, Websites, And Presentations, Without Draining Your Bank Account!

It's A Fact: Your Videos, Websites, And Presentations Are Actually Working AGAINST You In One Or More Of The Following Ways...

  • Your bland "talking head" videos aren't getting viewed past the 17 second mark

  • Your plain Powerpoint/Keynote presentations are putting people to sleep

  • Analytics shows your websites have a huge bounce rate within seconds of arrival

  • The background photo in your green screen videos looks awkward and unrealistic

  • You just aren't getting your viewers to engage with your online marketing and take action

These problems are turning your customers off and keeping money out of your pocket!

There's A Simple Solution To Increase Engagement & Get People To Take Action...


Look at the background in this section. It's moving. It's interesting to your eye, isn't it? And it's making you stay here.

Television networks have known this for decades. That's why, when news or sports broadcasts show statistics, quotes, graphs, or other boring details, they use a motion background behind the content to keep the viewer engaged. Even interviews are frequently shown in an inset with some motion graphics in the background.

Long story short, motion backgrounds make your simple videos, websites, and presentations POP. They also make you look a lot more professional than you're looking right now.

There's Just One Pesky Problem...

Stock Video Companies Think You're Made Of $$$!

There are a ton of websites where you can get motion backgrounds from. There's no shortage. HOWEVER... they all seem to think you're a cash cow, ripe for the milking. Just look at this example from a popular stock website:

They want $79 for a single high definition motion background. That, itself, is criminal, but get this...

That's for a SINGLE USE.

If you want to use that background on a second video, they expect you to fork over ANOTHER $79!

What if you decide to just give them the finger and use it again without paying? They're watching you with a staff of compliance soldiers armed with automated software to search out unlicensed duplicates.

And when they catch you? The fun starts with a Cease And Decist letter forcing to you either waste time by taking down your video/website/presentation and starting over... or you have to pay and pay dearly. Not just the $79, but also penalties which can reach into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

It's Time We Stop Getting Bent Over The Stock Content Companies' Money Barrel.

I'm Mark Mason...

And I'm Pat Flanagan

Between us, we have over 35 years experience in online marketing and graphic design. We've worked hard on videos, only to see them get poor engagement. We've put out great presentations and websites that have fallen short of goals.

When it comes to engaging viewers, nobody does that better than TV networks. They HAVE to keep people watching, their ad revenues depend on it! They use motion backgrounds to hold onto viewers whenever necessary.

So could we, and so can you... But just like you, we were held hostage by stock video providers and their ridiculous prices and sometimes impossible-to-understand licenses.

We finally had enough of it and decided to break those chains by creating and marketing our own motion backgrounds. You get the benefit of our high value hard work... at a low ticket price that really sticks it to the stock companies! To sweeten the deal, you aren't limited to a single use -- use them as much as you want on your projects!

83 Unique Brand New Hi-Def Motion Video Backgrounds

Every Action Backgrounds video is in 1920x1080 resolution MP4 file format, so you can easily drop it into any video editing software or presentation program that accepts video files. They're also ready-made for website backgrounds. And none of that single usage license crap, you can use these as many times as you want on your projects.

Want to see samples? Look below!

EIGHTY THREE Motion Background Videos?
This Must Be Expensive, Right?

Considering that stock companies can charge $79 for a single motion background, that must mean Action Backgrounds has a value of $6,557, right?

And since we let you use our video backgrounds over and over in your projects, instead of single usage, that multiplies the value even more, right?

The value is there, but we don't believe in ripping your budget to shreds.

We're going to give you the complete set of Action Backgrounds for a fraction of what stock companies charge for a single motion background.

And One More Added Value For You...

You can use Action Backgrounds motion videos on all your personal projects. Use each background once, use one of them over and over, use all of them multiple times.

But what if you could use them for CLIENTS? Now you have a way to put additional money in your pocket by improving videos, websites, and presentations for your customers. For just a tiny bit more, grab our DEVELOPER license and you're good to go!

Adds The Eyeball-Grabbing Power Of Motion Backgrounds To Your Videos, Websites, And Presentations, Without Draining Your Bank Account!


$10 coupon for free graphics from VectorToons, no other purchase required.

10 More Video Backgrounds

18 Motion Graphics Elements

9 Light Transition Effects

WARNING: Get your license now, price goes up tomorrow.

Developer License
Best Deal - Personal & Client

Action Backgrounds Developer License

Personal License
(For Personal Projects Only)

Action Backgrounds Personal License

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